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    She on beat like a muhhfucka


    shoutout to her for being so positive while going through chemo



    The hood fucks with her heavily.


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    I did not expect that at all.

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  • He was trying to help us. He was a hero.

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    Omg I literally screamed with laughter and the boyfriend was like “what?? Nothing is ever THAT funny” and I showed him and he lost it too

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    damonselvatore replied to your post “im kinda lost in all of this… where did the idea that sara was a salvotore’s daughter/relative come from? was it a spoiler or s/t?”

    duuude i was laughing at the jokes of the theory that sara was a bamon kid, but then when she said maybe her dad lived there (in the boarding house) i was like wtf?? i mean, that’s got to have some meaning! but then like?? what can it meeean!

    Honestly, as much as I have come to actually dig the “Bamon babies who have time traveled from the future where Bamon are in an established relationship and raised them” theory…

    I think it’s possible that she was lying about looking for her dad. I mean, she’s lying about everything else. I think she needs information on one of the Salvatore brothers for some reason, and this was her way of accessing the boardinghouse.

    I also think she’s a witch and was never actually compelled, and that that’s why she showed no hint of the compelling wearing off.

    I agree with you. As much as I don’t like it and find it incredibly boring, I agree. She’s most likely a witch, she probably will have some relation to Bonnie and she’s aware of who the Salvatores are. There’s more than likely an artifact or book she’s looking for in the Salvatore Boarding House.  

    I do remember the pre-season spoilers saying she was going to be an antagonist of some kind, so it should be interesting needless to say. 

    My only question then is, if and when Bonnie gets back to MF this season, will Jer having slept with her relative be a deal breaker? I mean, Bonnie did pull a fast one on him, BUT she was trying to protect him, misguided as it was. AND Jeremy’s doing the same shit he did before: not helping with the resurrection, at all. BUT that didn’t seem to bother her much before AND the defense could always be, its what she wanted last time.  BUT, its not like Jeremy’s ONLY slept with Sara; he’s boinked like half the underage female population of Mystic Falls so, maybe that will be one vagina too much? HOWEVER he is paying her phone bill and I think they all use Verizon so that bill aint nothing to sneeze at, that’s got to deduct like 4 hoes. BUT then there’s like the other 20 soooo…

    I just gave myself a headache. 

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    Here is a list of companies that will hire felons. Please share this and repost if you know of people who are looking to better their lives and work.

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    Oscar de la Renta, famous Dominican-born designer has died at age 82. The news of his passing come after de la Renta had appointed Peter Copping as the Creative Director of the brand just a week ago. De la Renta had been battling cancer for a while, however, the official cause of death has not been released. (x)

    “Now is the most exciting time in fashion. Women are controlling their destiny now, the consumer is more knowledgeable, and I have to be better every single day.” 


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    I have anothher plausible yet less exciting theory. Jeremy's new boo is a Salvatore but her daddy is the great great nephew that Damon ate in season 1.







    Alas, poor Zachary Salvatore. He never stood a chance on this show.

    It’s certainly possible! And there would be kudos to TVD for remembering Zach ever existed, lol. But outside of that, I don’t see how that could connect well enough to the current storyline.

    Plus you know these writers and their love affair with ridiculous plot twists. Zach’s love child wouldn’t cause that big a splash, I don’t think.

    I do wonder if she could somehow be Stefan’s. (SHEFANNNN) But really only because we’re all guessing Damon is the father, and see above re: TVD <3 UNNECESSARY PLOT TWISTS, lol.

    rozhanitsa , breezytaylorstevenson and I talked about this yesterday lol. I wondered if it was Stefan’s kid, and then we were talking about if it was Shelia’s kid, WHICH THEN made us wonder if it was just Abby’s kid and maybe she was Bonnie’s sister. She could be her whole sister because what if Abby was pregnant with her after she left Mystic Falls and then she gave her up for adoption because she wanted to leave that part of her behind. Hence ‘my mom is from mystic falls’ thing. But her saying that her father could have lived in the Salvatore house is the thing that gets me lol.

    I know right! That was the fucking thing that caught my attention cause the week before we were all like “bamon baby blah blah Damon father” and then SHE PULLS UP THAT SHIT LIKE SHE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT SHE’S TALKING ABOUT. Like you ain’t be sly there, we KNOW what the fuck you are implying and it’s fucking us over.

    Thanks show.

    AND THEN they said she TRASHED the Salvatore house like she was looking for something. Birth certificate, perhaps? Although it wouldn’t be there since she’s most likely from the future.

    I caught that on a rewatch while working on a gifset too. It was just this throwaway line from Jeremy, “Looks like she totally trashed the place too.”

    Sarah’s definitely connected to the Salvatores. Just… how?

    And she also has the physical characteristics of a Bennet. She has the look of all the Bennet women, so the only rational explanation here is a Bamon baby. But how the writers will pull it off is the question.

    She looks like a Bennett and is high-key interested in a Salvatore. 

    Re: Swearing in America We don't have the most variation in our swearing, whereas a lot of other languages have swears that capture more levels of intensity that just doesn't translate. The interesting thing about "fuck" though is it is just so flexible (in american dialects). You can use it as nearly every part of speech. As a result, however, we don't use much else. As a reader from America, the use of swears in American Gods sounded very natural to me. -A linguistics major




    I agree. The glory of fuck is all the things you can do with it and all the things it can do. It’s an unbefuckinglievably useful swear word (used just there as an expletive infixation). 

    Except that “unbefuckinglievably” is actually is actually a really unusual form of that particular infix—to such an extent, that most English speakers would think it was wrong if they heard it said out loud.  The version usually heard is “unfuckingbelievably.”  There are a bunch of theories why this is (morpheme boundaries, prosody, stress patterns), but whatever rule it follows does seem to actually be pretty strict.

    Seriously.  Say the first out loud.  It just doesn’t work.

    Well, lots of people use it. Here are the Wiktionary citations for Unbefuckinglievable and its variants. 

    Fuck, I love the internet sometimes. Goodnight.

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    All the TVD/TO Men love Kat Graham……..

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    Harry Potter as a Television Series 

    Harry Potter: Next Generation Seasons 15 - 

    James Potter -  Nicholas Hoult 

    Albus Potter - Logan Lerman

    Lily Potter - Georgie Henley 

    Hugo Weasely- Eddie Redmayne

    Rose Weasely- Sophie Turner 

    Victoire Weasley- Teresa Palmer 

    Dominique  Weasley- Dianna Agron

    Louis Weasley- Max Irons 

    Scorpius Malfoy - Alex Pettyfer 

    Teddy Lupin - Luke Newberry 

    Fred Weasley II - Dudley O’shaughnessy

    Roxanne Weasley - Katerina Graham 

    Lorcan & Lysander Scamander - Hunter Parrish

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    Paul Wesley. Kat Graham. Paulerina.


    No, Candice got married in NOLA.

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    So I'm reading a speculation on the last :40 seconds of 6x1. That it could be a future Bonnie and Damon. Might kick myself for it but I like this idea. Possible endgame made to look like they are not in the real MF when they really are...


    LOL yeah that miiiiight have been me and rozhanitsa hijacking bamonscuddles' lovely speculation post about the changes to the Salvatore kitchen in the various scenes with our fanciful ideas of a previewed Bamon endgame (and then meandering heavily into Bamon baby/Uncle Stefan the Bamon Fanboy territory before Francis rightfully threatened us with angry gifs).

    It seems way too optimistic, yeah, but… how cool would that be?

    Other than season 5, every season finale has tied back in some obvious way to the season premiere. If this really did end up being the last season, could you imagine them wrapping up with that scene again? And then letting it keep playing out, as the other characters come in to join them, whoever is left and in whatever pairings that are endgame?